Writing a program in visual studio c 10

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Writing a program in visual studio c 10

I am going to assume that you have obtained or own a legal licensed copy of this already. This article references the Enterprise edition of Visual Studio; however the same approach should work with the Professional version as well, now let's begin.

You will to need to create a folder either on your desktop or some other location that we can use to copy the installation files to. The reason for this is some of the files will need to be modified or edited.

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Let's create a folder on your desktop and call it Setup. Go to your installation CD and copy the contents to this folder. If you have multiple CD's copy each one starting with the first one to the Setup folder, you can skip over files with duplicate names when prompted to overwrite.

This will stop the setup wizard from looking for and installing this very old version of MS Java on our system. After removing this entry, your INI file entry should now look like this: Right click on this file and choose Properties.

Select the Compatibility tab and check to box Run this program in compatibility mode for: Also make sure you check the box Run this program as an administrator and press the Apply button. You can also use the Service Pack 2 option, either setting should work. Run Setup Wizard Now we should be ready to begin the installation.

EXE and choose Run as administrator. Once the Setup dialog is displayed, choose all the defaults for each step until you reach the Visual Studio 6.

Setup will search the system for previously installed components. Once this process has completed it may take a while depending on your system you will be presented with a dialog to choose the installation type, select the Custom setup option to continue.

This is where things will vary depending on what version you are installing Professional or Enterprise.

writing a program in visual studio c 10

The screens shots below are from the Enterprise edition. If you are prompted about installing Source Safe, choose the NO option to continue.

Custom Settings At this point you should see the Visual Studio 6.


For this article, we are only installing Visual Basic 6. Install Unicode Libraries Although this part is optional, most modern applications need to provide support for multiple languages and you will need this option if you plan on supporting languages such as Chinese, Japanese or Arabic.

Here we will want to install everything listed so press the Select All button to choose all the options, you should now see the following options: Press the OK button to continue. Keep pressing the OK button until we get back to the Visual Studio 6.

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You will see a message that says the component is an essential part of the application, you can ignore this warning and press the OK button.Apr 21,  · Are you new to Visual Studio and working with C++? Then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a student writing one of your first programs or a seasoned C++ developer with years of experience, you’ll find Visual Studio to be a powerful environment for C++ development.

While giving a webinar on DevOps with Visual Studio Team Services, I was asked if you could build VB6 applications.

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My response was simple. Visual Studio Team Services can be used to build any language, targeting any platform.

Start Visual Studio. On the menu bar, choose File, New, Project. The New Project dialog box opens.

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Expand Installed, expand Templates, expand Visual C#, and then choose Console Application. In the Name box, specify a name for your project, and then choose the OK button. The new project appears in Solution Explorer. I have developed a Windows Application in Visual Studio some years ago and now it has been updated in Visual Studio The application connects to a MySQL database and after porting it to VS, the IDE does not show the connection to the MySQL in Server Explorer.

(If you want to understand what exception code 0xe is, read this post) Often exceptions are thrown and caught and you don't see them. You probably know how to debug this in Visual Studio, so let me show you how to do it in cdb.

How to detect if Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio is installed? I tried Google it and nobody has asked this question, surprise!

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