War horse review

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War horse review

Synopsis[ edit ] A captured foal is brought to Devon in the United Kingdom to be auctioned.

War horse review

Hoping to give it to his son Ned, Arthur Narracott bids on the foal; instead, his brother Ted competes with him and bids 30 guineas—an exorbitant amount for the poor farmer, winning the horse.

The local drunkard, Ted is considered to be a coward, for refusing to have fought together with his brother in the earlier Boer War in South Africa. At the auction, Ted used money reserved to pay his farm mortgage. Ted's wife Rose fears they will lose their farm. Their son Albert promises to raise the foal and train him for sale.

The boy names the foal Joey, and forms a strong bond with him during training. Jealous of his cousin Albert, Ned convinces his father to get Ted drunk and make a bet: If War horse review won't plough, Ned gets the horse.

Albert successfully teaches Joey to pull the plough and gets to keep him. News of the outbreak of World War I reaches Devon. When Ted has to give away a conscripted Joey to the cavalryAlbert is crushed.

Captain James Nicholls, who often sketched Albert riding the hunter, promises that he will personally look after the fine horse. At the same time, Arthur enlists Ned to fight despite his protests.

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Arthur gives Ned his grandfather's knife for protection. Joey and Topthorn another army horse are shipped to France. The charges of the British cavalry are overwhelmed by the fire from German machine guns, representing their new technology. During the first charge, Nicholls is shot and killed.

Ned is assigned to ride Joey into battle and is captured by German troops. Topthorn and Joey, life-size puppet horses, at a production of the play in Australia Nicholls's sketchbook is sent to Albert, who learns Joey is serving "unprotected" in France.

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He lies about his age, enlists in the army and goes to France. There he befriends Private David Taylor, a fellow soldier. The Germans have taken Ned to a French farm being used as a makeshift hospital. He is killed brandishing his knife. Emilie, the girl of the farm family, is nearly killed in the altercation.

German officer Friedrich Muller is reminded of his own daughter left in Germany. He and Emilie share a love of horses and, with Emilie's mother, they take care of the horses Joey and Topthorn, which are being kept to pull an ambulance for wounded soldiers.

When a shell kills most of his comrades, Friedrich switches his coat and identity with an enlisted medic, hoping to survive to return home. His subterfuge is discovered but Friedrich enables Emilie and her mother to escape. When the Germans force the two fine horses to work as draft horsesJoey inspires Topthorn to pull in order to survive.

Once enemies, the two horses become friends, but Topthorn dies from exhaustion.Dec 21,  · The closing shots of Steven Spielberg's "War Horse" will stir emotions in every serious movie lover.

War horse review

The sky is painted with a deeply red-orange sunset. A lone rider is seen far away on the horizon. The rider approaches and dismounts. He embraces a woman and a man. They all embrace the horse's head. Music swells.

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This footage, with the rich colors and dramatic framing on what is either a /5. Young Albert enlists to serve in World War I after his beloved horse is sold to the cavalry. Albert's hopeful journey takes him out of England and to the front lines as the war rages on.

But War Horse is a fable with a high moral purpose, not a documentary, and audiences will either be overwhelmed by the impact or find themselves fighting to resist it. Topics War films.

War Horse is the powerful story of a young boy called Albert and his beloved horse, Joey, who has been requisitioned to fight for the English in World War I. The Tomatometer rating – based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics – is a trusted measurement of movie and TV programming quality for millions of moviegoers.

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