Thesis on pierre elliott trudeau

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Thesis on pierre elliott trudeau

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Trudeau was born on October 18th, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Trudeau had always received top marks in school and went on to study law and become a lawyer, which he had accomplished by Trudeau was also opposed to the fact that Prime Minister Pearson accepted and supported U.

However, inTrudeau became Minister of Justice. He also played a key role in the federal-provincial constitutional conference. InTrudeau became the 15th Prime Minister of Canada.

He succeeded Lester B. Pearson, who had resigned as leader of the Liberal Party, and won a majority in a general election soon after.

When the FLQ crisis erupted, Trudeau took a stand. Had he not done this, Canada would not be as it is today.

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Quebec may have separated, and Canada may have been torn apart, but Trudeau stood tall, influencing and affecting society forever. The FLQ were a group of French extremists, who were willing to do whatever they could to force a separation from Canada. They were so devoted, that they kidnapped a British diplomat, James Cross, and held him hostage.

A cry of fear ran throughout the Nation, but Trudeau did not move from his beliefs and ideals Clarkson, He said that Canada could not and would not give in to such a group and that it is a warning for others planning to do the same. Finally they decided to kidnap Pierre LaPorte.

He brought in the Canadian military to protect Montreal from this fiasco and imposed the War Measures Act, which stated that you can be arrested and detained in prison in times of emergency.

Although many French were outraged by the embarrassment that the imposed War Measures Act had caused them and their families, the FLQ were finally caught, which may never have happened if Trudeau had not been brave and had the courage to do what he did.

Thesis on pierre elliott trudeau

Wilson-Smith, 70 This did however cause a problem that may not have been foreseen. Due to the fact that the French were angry and annoyed about the War Measures Act, the Parti Quebecois PQ gained a lot of strength and was eventually elected in Quebec, which caused many more problems for Trudeau and his Liberal government and escalated the French — English conflict to a new level.

For example, the PQ was the party that influenced Quebecers into almost separating. They also passed many laws in Quebec about English signs. This open door policy created the multiculturalism that we experience, even to this day.

Trudeau had many admirers throughout the world, including the Queen of England, who absolutely loved him. He also had many admirers inside of Canada, and when Trudeau lost to Joe Clark for a brief period of time, he was quickly re-elected and retired in Some people feel that Nixon was afraid of Trudeau and what he could do.

T put Canada on the map and made it known world-wide as a sovereign nation.

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Trudeau did other things that affected Canada during his time in office, such as improving the Canadian constitution through the creation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.Dec 06,  · Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau had a profound influence on Canada, its culture and society in general.

The four specific areas that will be focused on in this essay are the FLQ crisis, Canada’s immigration policy and its foreign relations, the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the growing and everlasting conflict between the French and the English.

Thesis on pierre elliott trudeau

Pierre Trudeau was born in October 18, in the city of Montreal to an immigrant father from France called Charles-Émile Trudeau and Grace Elliott, who was of Scottish descent. He was the second born with two other siblings named Suzette and Charles Jr.; who he remained close to . Pierre trudeau essay introduction.

A History Of Pierre Elliott Trudeau - UK Essays 25 Apr One of the greatest prime ministers in defining the Canadian identity was Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

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Indo-Canadians or Indian-Canadians, are Canadian citizens whose heritage is fully or partially from the Indian Subcontinent (including Indian and other origins), children of persons who immigrated from India and/or the Indian Subcontinent to Canada or persons of Indian origin who have Canadian citizenship.

The terms East Indian and South . Pierre Elliott Trudeau was born on October 18, in Montreal; his father was a successful Francophone businessmen and his mother was of Scottish descent. He studied at Jesuit Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, Université de Montréal, Harvard University and London School of Economics.

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