The offense principle essay example

Canada[ edit ] In Canada, criminal law is a federal matter, set out in the Criminal Code. Restrictions can be placed on certain activities following a conviction involving: Weapon prohibitions[ edit ] When a person is convicted of an offence in which the person used a weapon, or threatened to use a weapon, the sentencing court has the power to prohibit the person from possessing a weapon for a certain period of time.

The offense principle essay example

The Firm has offices located in Helena, Montana and St. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. One can rarely enter into a discussion about immigration without hearing the term "illegal alien," or references to undocumented immigrants as simply "illegals.

Whether intentional or accidental, the use of these terms has shaped public opinion on immigration policy. Of course, not everyone who uses these terms intends to color undocumented immigrants with the stigma that these terms carry with them.

The offense principle essay example

Therefore, the purpose of this editorial is to explain why these terms should be eliminated from our discourse. When one refers to an immigrant as an "illegal alien," they are using the term as a noun. They are effectively saying that the individual, as opposed to any actions that the individual has taken, is illegal.

An alien is defined as anyone who is not a citizen or national of the United States. However, "illegal alien" is not a legal term in the Immigration and Nationality Act. For some, the use of the term "illegal alien" is likely based on a misconception that an immigrant's very presence in the United States is a criminal violation of the law.

While the act of entering the country without inspection is a federal misdemeanor, and for repeat offenders could be a felony, the status of being present in the United States without a visa is not an ongoing criminal violation.

In addition, estimates are that almost half of the undocumented aliens in the United States actually entered with lawful status but merely overstayed their visas.

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These aliens have not committed a criminal offense at all. Their presence in United States while being out of status is a civil infraction, not a criminal offense. To make it a criminal violation of the law to be present without a visa would be a "status offense. A common example is vagrancy; if a law rendered homelessness illegal, then the status of being homeless would be criminal.

Over the years, anti-immigration activists have proposed criminalizing the presence of the millions of immigrants here without documentation. Such attempts have failed, as our legislators have recognized that social, economic, and political forces often forcibly displace immigrants and compel them to come to the United States.

The offense principle essay example

To make federal criminal offenders of the individuals who are present in the United States under these circumstances would ignore their basic human rights. By using the term "illegal alien" to refer to those without a visa or I to show lawful entry into the United States, the speaker purports to assign guilt before a Judge ever considers the evidence and makes a determination on the individual's status.

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