Texting while driving may be bad

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Texting while driving may be bad

Why a Nationwide Ban on Texting While Driving Is a Bad Idea - Foundation for Economic Education

Research[ edit ] The scientific literature on the dangers of driving while sending a text message from a mobile phone, or driving while texting, is limited but growing. A simulation study at the Monash University Accident Research Center provided strong evidence that retrieving and, in particular, sending text messages has a detrimental effect on a number of safety-critical driving measures.

Mean speed, speed variability, lateral position when receiving text messages, and following distance showed no difference. Despite the acknowledgement of the dangers of texting behind the wheel, about half of drivers 16 to 24 say they have texted while driving, compared with 22 percent of drivers 35 to Texting while driving attracted interest in the media after several highly publicized car crashes were caused by texting drivers, including a May incident involving a Boston trolley car driver who crashed while texting his girlfriend.

Investigations revealed that the engineer of that train had sent 45 text messages while operating. Despite these incidents, texting was still on the rise. This increase could be attributed to drivers over the age of 30 sending text messages.

One such study was conducted by Car and Driver magazine in June The study compared the reaction times and distances of the subjects while reading a text message, replying to the text message, and impaired.

Impaired driving at the same speed resulted in an increase of 0. In terms of stopping distances these times were estimated to mean: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood called the study "completely misleading". Subjects were asked to use either Google Glass or a smartphone-based messaging interface and were then interrupted with an emergency event.

The Glass-delivered messages served to moderate but did not eliminate distracting cognitive demands. A potential passive cost to drivers merely wearing the Glass was also observed.

Messaging using either device impaired driving as compared to driving without multi-tasking. Researchers observed 4, "safety-critical" events, which includes crashes, near crashes, safety-critical events, and lane deviations.

Text messaging had the greatest relative riskwith drivers of heavy vehicles or trucks being more than 23 times more likely to experience a safety-critical event when texting.

Texting while driving may be bad

The results of the study are listed in the table below. The use of mobile devices is linked to a significant increase in distracted driving, resulting in injury and even loss of life. The driver of a vehicle except an emergency vehicle, taxi or police vehicle must not use a mobile phone while the vehicle is moving, or is stationary but not parked, unless the driver is exempt from this rule under another law of this jurisdiction.

The law does not apply if the phone is in a secured fixed mounting that is positioned in such a way that the driver does not have to take their eyes off the road.

The law also does not apply if the driver is using a hands free device. In some locations, provisional or learner drivers are banned from all forms of mobile phone usage while they are in control of a vehicle. Apart from mobile phones, drivers should not appear to be distracted by anything else; this include GPS devices and PDAs.

Canada[ edit ] All provinces and the Northwest Territories have banned both talking on hand-held phones and texting while driving.

Why Texting While Driving is So Bad

This does however not apply to hand-free devices, provided that the driver does not become distracted. In a higher court overturned a ruling of a lower court and ruled that the use of a mobile phone is allowed while in traffic, if it occurs while the vehicle is stopped and a start-stop system has turned the engine off.

This does not apply, however, to hands-free devices. In one instance a UAE minister was himself given a fine for using his mobile phone while driving. This includes when stopped at traffic lights. The only exceptions are emergency calls to or Restrictions on cell phone use while driving in the United States Map of laws for cell-phone use and text messaging while driving Texting while driving is generally outlawed for drivers in all states and the District of Columbia except ArizonaMontanaand Missouri.

On October 1,the U. It shows that the federal government is leading by example. Department of Transportation announced a federal ban on texting while driving by truckers and bus drivers.Car and Driver presents Texting While Driving: How Dangerous is it?.

Read expert vehicle reviews and award-winning feature content at Car and Driver. Texting and driving: A deadly habit. Leon Neyfakh. Your head may say no, but your fingers are still texting away. Forty-one states have outlawed texting while driving.

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Texting while driving may be bad

When your emotions get out of hand, minor irritations on the road may escalate and lead to unnecessary acts of physical aggression and violence. An alarming number of traffic accidents are linked to driving while distracted, including use of mobile devices while driving, resulting in injury and loss of life.

The most recent national statistics are sobering. Texting While Driving Guide (pdf).

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