Strategic management essay case study carrefour

Describe a Case Study Analysis for Carrefour. Introduction From the last four decades, we have certainly seen the French group Carrefour going across the globe and performing marvelously regarding profits, growth and loads more. They have become Europe's largest and the world's second-largest retailer which have certainly made one of the retailers to look for. The four major categories in terms of, the store and its formats:

Strategic management essay case study carrefour

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Introduction Carrefour is the famous French multinational retailer headquartered in Boulogne Billancourt, France, in Paris. It is largest hypermarket chain in terms of size.

The hypermarket exceeds meters in terms of space. It is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world. The third in profit after Wal-Mart and Tesco.

The holding company is based in Dubai; it owns and operates shopping malls, retail, and leisure establishments in the Middle East and North Strategic management essay case study carrefour, with operations in 12 countries and over 24, employees. The group was established by businessman Majid Al Futtaim in Majid Al Futtaim manages three major operating subsidiaries: The group owns and operates 18 shopping malls, 56 hypermarkets and 53 supermarkets, 11 hotels, 9 movie theater locations with 92 screens, 16 Magic Planet sites and 45 fashion stores.

In the company will open a new hypermarket in Tanta. So we have the political, economic, social and technological influences PEST. The regulation of the international trade The fluctuation of the exchange rate affects the business of the import and the export.

The world inflation rate which means the rate of the prices for goods and services is rising and on the other hand the purchasing power is falling. The inflation rate tends to decrease which affects the cost of the production and the selling prices.

The globally interest rate is the proportion of a loan that is charged as interest to the borrower, the percentage is expressed on annual basis of the loan.

Strategic management essay case study carrefour

This rate tends to decrease which means that the global demand for credit will expand as the world economy grows and in its turn will open a new opportunities for work in the hole world. The 2 next factors of the environmental scanning are the social and the technological factors.

As for the social factor, the growth rate of the population is one of the most important factors because the hand labor is the key for success for any company. If everyone earns exactly the same amount of money, then the income distribution is perfectly equal.

But this is not the case especially in the MENA region.

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The level of people living below the poverty line is really huge. The demographics factors such as the age, the family size and the gender all these points are very important as for example in the MENA region the majority of the population are composed from youth people and the family size is really relatively big.

The last factor is the technological factor it all related to the technology such the impact of changes in the information technology that facilitate the business between the firms.

The internet availability is now an important factor for the infrastructure for any country. The new discoveries and innovation that reflect on the business and open a new opportunity.

These forces are as follow: A company that wants to enter a new business or a new market to gain a market share but in order to enter this market there are barriers that Our Vision Carrefour has one simple ambition to be the preferred retailer wherever it operates.

Carrefour achieved a good proportion of this long term objective, it succeeded to be the preferred retailer for the consumers.

Carrefour offers for its customer good Our Mission We are totally focused on meeting the expectations of our customers. Our vision is to be the benchmark in modern retailing in each of our markets. Instilling the retail spirit and a sense of initiative. Guaranteeing knowledge transfer and grooming the managers of the future.

Encouraging fair and responsible trade. Giving power back to the stores to satisfy our customers. Carrefour was founded in in France. Marketing itself as a one-stop-shop providing a wide range of products at a low cost, it is now the second largest retailer in the world and the largest in Europe.

Inthe company continued expanding their international footprint by adding an additional retail points in France, Europe and Latin America. As of December 31,the Group was operating 9, retail outlets in 33 countries conducting all transactions in Euros.

Formerly, Carrefour also carried hard discount format stores but this was discontinued inon top of which Dia sub-group was also eliminated in The following highlights the breakdown of store formats used: Above retail formats offer different and diversified product mix combining choices, quality and low prices to end-consumers — with product mainly categorized into: Despite attempts to lead in Asian markets, Carrefour is facing government and tax regulations.CASE STUDY: CARREFOUR IN ASIA Carrefour is one of the largest retailer worldwide.

Its international operations are located in three geographical zones namely: Europe and the . Executive Summary. Tesco is a leading grocery store in UK and slowly growing internationally. Strategic management for such a growing firm is an important stage for the organization and the decisions taken at this phase will have a huge impact on their expansion plans and overall operation capability in the immediate future/5(1).

Need an argumentative essay on Strategic Management Analysis Case Study, EFAS & IFAS. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no regardbouddhiste.comal factors affected the Vermont Teddy Bear will be accessed using PEST analysis. LearningEdge's strategic case studies include narratives that facilitate class discussion on management.

Learn about these free resources at MIT . Strategic Management and Policy Case Study of Harley-Davidson, Inc.

August 19, Introduction In , a legendary motorcycle company was formed when William S.

Strategic management essay case study carrefour

Harley and the Davidson brothers, William D., Arthur and Walter, handcrafted their first three motorcycles. Jun 16,  · Case Study Essay Example; Case Study Essay Example. Case Study. (TSF ). This case study aims to assess TSF’s strategic position using SWOT analysis.

The analysis reveals that TSF holds strengths of comprehensive sources of funding and being able to provide transparent information.

The other minor problem of this case is management.

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