My trip to the smith falls in nebraska

History[ edit ] While Chuck Smith was still a member of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospelhe reported a prophecy came to him in which the Lord said to him that He was changing his name. His new name would mean "Shepherd" because the Lord was going to make him the shepherd of many flocks and the church would not be large enough to hold all of the people who would be flocking to hear the Word of God. Before Smith became their pastor, twelve of the 25 members attended a prayer meeting about whether or not to close their church: Frisbee moved into Smith's home, and he would minister to the other hippies and counter-culture youth on the beaches.

My trip to the smith falls in nebraska

My trip to the smith falls in nebraska

The Platte Valley area has great habitat for many types of birds - even bald eagles. The Spring migration usually begins on the Platte River in late February, peaks in mid March, and has a mass exodus in mid April.

During the Spring migration, cranes stay in the area for several weeks to "fuel up" for the long trip north, so the Crane Viewing prospects in the Spring are much better than in the Fall. The southbound Fall migration normally is spread over a longer period of time and over a wider area on the Platte River since there usually are no long "Feeding Layovers" in the Fall.

The Fall Crane Migration usually runs between late September through mid December, with the peak between late October through early November. These stays are typically just a "drop in" Vs an overnight or longer on the Platte River since the cranes are heading south My trip to the smith falls in nebraska warmer weather and do not need to stop to feed like during the northbound Spring Crane Migration.

Thus, we do not recommend special travel from any distance to view the Fall Crane Migration, since you may be disappointed with very few Sandhill Crane sitings. The Cranes winter in the southern states and Mexico and then flocks of them start coming northward on the Central Flyway and start arriving along the Platte River in the area between Grand Island and Kearney about mid-February.

They spend about 3 - 4 weeks in the cornfields along the Platte building up fat reserves to help them sustain the flight and nesting period in their destination up north in Canada, Alaska, and for a few, Siberia.

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The Cranes usually add up to two pounds to their approximately 12 pound body weight during their "refuling" stay in the Platte River Valley in Nebraska. Sandhill Cranes feeding in the cornfields near the Platte River in Nebraska This is wasted corn left from the harvest - and actually benefits the farmers since it would otherwise be "volunteer" come growing season.

Sandhill Cranes feeding in a Nebraska Cornfield irrigated with a center pivot shown in background. A "refuling" stop during the Cranes annual Migration back North.

Some are for Children. You can hear the loud "rattling bugle" sounds of thousands of Cranes flying in to roost on the Platte River at Sunset in the Video plus 2nd Video Link toward the bottom of this Sandhill Crane Migration web page. Tip - For daytime viewing of the Sandhill Cranes feeding in the harvested cornfields, go about one mile south of the Alda Viewing Platform to the east-west "W.

Park your car in a good spot where there are many cranes and either stay in or right next to your car and be still. The cranes will "drift" closer to you after a while as they get used to your being there. We have had good luck in the gravel portion of the W Platte River Dr.

Tip - Open above map in full window to see entire area in one printable view - use "Landscape" print orientation. There is a handy listing of upcoming events with "clickable" Info at the top left on the Crane Trust Web Site Home pageplus a comprehensive Events page which lists a Calendar of upcoming Events Viewing Tours.

You can also ask if the Cranes are "In," for current Crane status Info. Tip - Never run out of Camera Memory Card storage space! I am really enjoying the built in 20x zoom, the crisp photos, and the low light capabilities of the new SXHS!

Tip -- When you are zoomed in at 3x or more, use a Tripod or an easy to carry Monopod to cut down on "Fuzzy Photos" from Camera shake -- Image Stabilization can only do so much when you are zoomed in! The Map also shows the area county roads near the Platte River between the two Crane Viewing Centers where you can watch the Sandhill Cranes feed in the cornfields from the edge of the roads -- especially the less traveled gravel ones -- in the daytime before they group together late in the day for their short fly over to the Platte River about Sunset to roost for the night.

Tip - Check out this Google map showing the roads in the area. Check their Events Calendar. Alda Bridge Crane Viewing Platform overlooking Platte River on Hwy 26 If you want to stand on a handicap-accessible viewing platform overlooking the river to view and take pictures of the evening Sandhill Crane Migration fly-in spectacle here is more on the public Alda Bridge Crane Viewing Platform about two miles south of I exit on Hwy 26 next to the bridge over the Platte River.

There is a large parking area and a small lake adjacent to the large wooden viewing platform which usually offers great views of the thousands of "noisy" cranes flying in to roost at sunset -- or off to the cornfields to feed in the early morning at sunrise.May 31,  · Smith Falls State Park: Smith Falls - Interesting - See traveler reviews, 53 candid photos, and great deals for Valentine, NE, at regardbouddhiste.comon: Smith Falls Rd, Valentine, NE In order to create a Trip, or to add one, you need to sign up and log in.

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My trip to the smith falls in nebraska

Smith Falls State Park. Share ADD TO TRIP. Smith Falls Rd, Valentine, NE Website | Facebook | If you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you would see the quiet, . 🔥Citing and more!

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Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. Smith Falls, at 63 feet (19 m), is the highest waterfall in the state of Nebraska and the centerpiece of Smith Falls State Park.

The state park and falls are located 12 miles (19 km) east of Valentine, Nebraska, adjacent to the Niobrara National Scenic River. The Learning Center at Falls City offers a selection of noncredit workforce opportunities that serves the region.

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If you are interested in Enhancing a skill. My sisters and I are from Omaha and took a trip to Smith Falls this summer. I cannot recommend it enough. We spent two nights camping and everything was wonderful/10(6).

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