Gay rights persuasive speech

Sexual orientation and gender identity 9. Council Bill August 13, [Rev. Phil Snider] Good evening, my name is the Rev.

Gay rights persuasive speech

Most states have ruled it unconstitutional, and some have disagreed. But what really is the solution to this problem? Show people really are penalized for expressing their true feelings?

This law also gives each citizen the freedom from religion. However, when the topic of gay marriage comes up, the main contrasting point would be that the bible does not agree with it. According to the first amendment, the bible has no standing in American law.

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Opposing gay marriage, in my opinion is just another form of bias. Everyone has their own ways of expressing their feelings for others. Fairly, it is something beyond our control. Banning same sex marriage will not hinder the growth of the same sex marriage couples, because feelings are not physical features, they are mental.

Protect it from what, of course? Mixed marriage used to be illegal. The American Psychological Association supports homosexuality and same sex marriage. They believe that same sex marriage is perfectly natural.

Also, it is important for mental health that same sex couples be given the same rights, benefits, and responsibilities as heterosexual couples. Research by the APA has also shown that marriage provides substantial psychological and physical health benefits due to the moral, economic and social support extended to married couples.

Conversely, recent empirical evidence has illustrated the harmful psychological effect of policies restricting marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Additionally, children raised by same-sex couples have been shown to be on par with the children of opposite-sex couples in their psychological adjustment, cognitive abilities and social functioning. A topic debate is the effects on children that are raised by same sex couples.

Marriage protects children and gives them certain benefits. Denying same sex couples marriage sometimes denies their children the medical and insurance benefits given to children of standard couples.

Studies show that children raised by same sex couples are well adjusted and happy. Kids need good role models and loving parents. Gender is a factor in neither of those needs. I have found positive male role models in my life who have set outstanding examples for my own behavior, but the strength demonstrated by my MS-stricken biological mother has been surpassed by none I have met.

It is with great pride that I call myself her son. And soon, it will hopefully be with great pride that she calls her partner, Jackie, her wife.

Hawaii lawmakers approved a bill to allow civil unions for same-sex couples, marking an end to what the governor called an "emotional process" for a longtime battleground in the gay rights movement.

This should be the same for all the other countries and states that ban same sex marriage. The Canadian government ruled on June 10th to overturn the laws that prevented same sex couples from marrying.

American couples can go to Canada to tie the knot, but it remains to be seen whether or not those same-sex marriages will be recognized by the United States government.

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President Bush and the Pope have both come out publicly against the sanction of same-sex unions. At the end of the day, same sex marriage will still be a popular topic of debate because of people who ban some things and let some things of the same kind pass.

Same sex marriage does no harm to society. Most people will agree that the ban on same sex marriages is nothing more than prejudice at work. Soon, we will look back at the arguments against same-sex marriages and see, like the ban on interracial marriages, that they are backed by nothing more than racism, prejudice and fear.Essay Examples.

Gay rights persuasive speech

search essay examples. browse by category. browse by type. Get Expert. The Persuasion of the Homophobic Audience to Eliminate Stigmatism Toward Gay People in Andrew Sullivan's Why the M Word Matters to Me. words. 2 pages. Fighting for the Rights of the LGBT Community Shirley Anita St.

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Footnoting Faculty of Law Style (Ulffs) Documents Similar To GAY MARRIAGE outline. Same Sex 5/5(1). Andrew Sullivan, a gay rights activist argues, “Marriage is not simply a private contract; it is a social and public recognition of a private commitment Denying it to homosexuals is the most public affront possible to their public equality”().

Gay Rights The gay marriage controversy has been a popular subject for many decades, even centuries. Over the years, society has heard numerous debates on either the equal treatment of homosexuals, or the discrimination of the same. Transcript of Persuasive Speech - Gay Rights.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Being Gay~ Main Points ~There should be equality in the workplace ~There should be equality in relationships 95% of the people in here didn't know this Equality should be in the workplace ~Age ~Sex.

persuasive speech on gay rights. A persuasive speech on gay rights love is a beautiful makes people can change you, and show you things that you never knew about. Transcript of persuasive speech gay, liberty and the pursuit of being gay main points there should be equality in Andrew was immediately behind.

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