Duck hunting essay

Sponsor This Essay The gasoline business led our family to Southwest Louisiana in the s; the ducks kept us there. Rice country, flat and wet—duck haven.

Duck hunting essay

Waterfowl Bands Trophies in the Sky: The importance of waterfowl bands The first person to band birds in the United States was John James Audubon, who marked songbirds with silver thread in Now, biologists band more thanducks andgeese and swans every year.

Photo by Bill Buckley. Waterfowl bands provide valuable information to scientists about duck populations, survival, migration routes, hunter harvest rates, and winter and nest-site fidelity.

Results from banding studies support national and international conservation programs such as the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. Photo by Michael Carey. Band recovery data show biologists how the harvest is distributed throughout the flyway.

Using maps like the one above, biologists can estimate annual harvest rates and even annual survival rates for some waterfowl species from band recovery data.

The annual variation in harvest and survival rates has helped biologists understand how breeding habitat conditions and harvest regulations affect survival. Throughmost duck banding efforts have focused on mallards. The mallard is the most commonly banded and most commonly harvested duck in the United States and Canada.

Approximately 7 million mallards have been banded through The Canada goose is second on the list, with more than 2. Surprisingly, the blue-winged teal is third at 1. Large numbers of blue-winged teal are captured along with mallards on the prairies and thus are banded in higher numbers than other duck species.

Photo by Michael Furtnam. Researchers mark many arctic-nesting geese with color-coded plastic neck collars in addition to leg bands. Because neck collars are visible from afar, birds fitted with them can be observed and identified without being harvested.

But recovery rates of neck-collared geese are roughly twice those of birds marked only with a metal leg band, probably because hunters are able to identify neck-collared birds in flight and selectively harvest them.

Thus, neck collars may be very useful management tools, but they are also a liability for the birds that wear them. Photo by Douglas Norton Some hunters are fascinated with bands and biologists hope that the fascination results in bands being reported.

Banding data has impacted waterfowl biology and conservation in several ways, including mapping the flyways.

Reporting bands is another way waterfowl hunters give back to the resource. A pintail banded on Sept. Considering the 3, miles between band site and death, and assuming the bird made the two-way migration each year for 13 years, the pintail would have logged nearly 80, migration miles alone during its lifetime.

Duck hunting essay

Photo by Scot Fink.James Johnson spent years duck hunting with his father. Sitting in a cold blind for hours was no picnic, but Johnson believes the experience helped him become the man he is today—a man willing to face discomfort and accept burdens for those he loves.

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