Drug court essay outline

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Drug court essay outline

Custom Drug Courts essay paper writing service Buy Drug Courts essay paper online Introduction Drug courts are considered as an effective approach of solving problems related to alcohol and other abuse of substances in the judicial systems.

They operate under a well-specialized model in which all the departments like: Characteristics of drug courts There are some characteristics which makes these courts unique compared to the ordinary ones and which enhances the achievement of the set goals and objectives.

First is a mutual link between various personnel thus they are all involved in any process going on. These include the public defenders, law enforcements, mental health, and social services.

Drug court essay outline

The courts are also characterized by their standardized assessment considered to discover the non-violent offenders. The staffs of these courts are recruited according to their areas of specialization; they must be trained in the fields related to substance abuse and other skills, which may be required in the non-adversarial environment.

These courts use a system of modified approvals and incentives which would be necessary in enhancing the recovery of the behaviors and hold the defenders responsible for the non-compliant ways of doing things.

The professional in these courts are expected to be updated on current events in the society to be able to handle any case.

This requires them to be participating in trainings and seminars for improvement of their skills. They are expected to keep on carrying out assessments and evaluation to determine the effectiveness of their efforts in achieving their goals and objectives Harris, Elements of drug courts operations A number of elements are considered in the effective operations of the drug courts, considered with the variation of the background and complication o the matters raised.

Legal framework There are two commonly preferred models in drug courts: Under the deferred models the offenders who meet their eligibility requirements are taken before the judges in drug court system before pleading for a charge.

They are not allowed to plead guilty and if found to have completed the program are not taken throw further prosecutions. In the post-adjudication model, the offenders are given a chance to plead their guilty against the charges then their sentences remain suspended while they undergo the drug court program.

The offenders who do not complete the drug court program are taken back to the criminal court awaiting sentences upon the guilty plea Whiteacre, Programming and sanctions The programs in drug courts are expected to run between a period of six months and a year although some cases take longer than this depending on the complication of the condition.

The programs are pronounced to be complete if the offenders are said to be drug-free and not committing any offence for a defined period of time otherwise they are expected to attend regular hearings with the judges and all other departments of the courts. Recidivism Those who are released from the drug courts are found to be freee from use of drugs and from offences relating to the condition.

These are better than those processed through the other traditional courts because they are rehabilitated to become more productive citizens.

Cost savings According to the reports of the evaluations of the costs and benefits of drug courts, the courts save more taxpayer dollars compared to the other programs offering rehabilitation services or incarceration. Costs such as arrests, jail occupancy, and expenses on victimization are assumed.

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Drug Courts Essay Sample. “Since the first drug court was established in , they have exploded in popularity among observers and participants, the criminal justice system.

Many opponents of the law lament that it backs away from coercive treatment, the method favored in drug courts. Typically, drug courts outline rigorous treatment. Free Essay: What is Drug Court? According to Siegel (), drug courts are courts designed for non-violent offenders with substance abuse problems who.

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